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9th Oct, 2012 Carolyne No Comments News

Clear Sky, Clear Mind

Greetings everyone, I hope you are enjoying the incredible weather we are having.

The sky is so clear, no clouds to obscure the sun.

Recently I have been practicing Tsa Lung, a Tibetan yogic breathing. Tsa Lung is designed to clear patterns of thought, speech and action that are harmful so that you can see, speak and act clearly, ie. without ego manifestations such as anger or greed.
The action of clearing is described as dissolving or removing the clouds that cover the sun, revealing the bright light within a clear sky.
One of the practices is to actually look at the vast expansiveness of a clear sky and imagine that you are a part of it: Unrestricted in thought, word and deed. This is a very powerful way of understanding where Tsa Lung can take you.

Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche teaches these practices in his book, ‘Awakening the Sacred Body’. He also teaches simple combinations of the Tibetan Yogas of Breath and Movement that have a profound effect on all levels. I have found myself calmer and more able to focus through the regular practice of these yogas.

So take a moment while the sun still shines in the clear sky and imagine yourself part of that limitless beauty.

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