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My Practice

I’m often asked about what I do, meaning, ‘how do I practice healing?’ This question often leaves me tongue-tied. How to explain that I trained as an osteopathic practitioner in London, England for 4 years full time, trained in cranial osteopathy both as a student and through post-graduate studies and have developed my own healing techniques over the years?

To start with, the training I received as an osteopathic practitioner gave me an excellent grounding in anatomy, physiology, pathology and osteopathic techniques.

Classic osteopathy has a wide variety of applications and uses the large tissues of muscle groups and joints of the physical body, (eg. arm, leg), to facilitate the healing of various conditions such as sports injuries, muscle sprain and strain and low back and neck pain.

Techniques that are more focussed on specific tissues and the energetic levels are taught as part of cranial osteopathy and other post-graduate courses. I trained as well in pediatric osteopathy in order to give a child the best possible start in life and to facilitate the healing of intrauterine, perinatal, postnatal, and childhood issues.

This is why osteopathy is so versatile and covers a wide range of techniques and types of practices.

Through my personal study and practice of meditation I’ve developed the skill of tuning into a person’s body, mind and spirit. When treating hands on I am able to ‘see’ through my hands what is happening in the body and where treatment needs to focus. Due to the nature of energy, I’m able to treat people at a distance as well. Our unique energy signatures are available wherever we happen to be and it is through them that I’m able to facilitate healing remotely.

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