The technique of Light Healing utilizes Osteopathy in its many forms for positively influencing multiple levels of physical and emotional issues.

Light Healing practices are based on osteopathic techniques to bring the skeletal structure and the organs into better alignment, improving the body’s overall ability to function. For babies and children in particular, this kind of cellular healing and structural alignment is essential for healthy development. This is why the treatment of babies and children is an important part of my practice.

Light Healing affects all levels: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. These areas should not be seen as independent and separate from each other; all are intertwined, so “one affects all”. Illness, on the other hand can manifest within any level. For example, chronic pain from a physical injury could hold a deeper issue of depression, and I have treated children whose hearing difficulties were the source of their current behavioral problems. Light Healing addresses the level that holds the root issue, from which all else flows.

Light Healing for Personal Transformation

Many of my clients first come for treatment based on a physical ailment such as back pain. While treating the physical body it often emerges that they are ready to make changes to their lives. Light Healing supports and encourages these changes through healing practices that help to clear obstacles to making those changes. For this reason I welcome clients experiencing physical pain, chronic health conditions and trauma.

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