I am incredibly fortunate to have found Carolyne after spending many years and thousands of dollars on various types of treatment for chronic pain and vestibular system damage.  Carolyne’s treatments have significantly reduced the chronic pain as well as improved my vestibular system from a point of severely limited function to a place where I am able to manage independently.  The strength and wisdom of Carolyne’s healing also helped me thru a transformative, but difficult period in my life.  Additionally, my teenage children have benefitted from Carolyne’s treatments for a variety of ailments ranging from joint and muscle pain, orthodontic adjustments, to the bumps and knocks they receive in the course of playing sports.  All of the treatments we have received are completely gentle, yet hugely powerful.

~ M. R.

Carolyne is a brillant healing practioner. She is highly intuitive,skilled , experienced and combines this with tremendous integrity. She has developed her own unique style and is extemely effective. Carolyne is a winner..a ten out of ten! I would highly recommend her.

~ B.P.

Just a quick note to express my gratitude for all your help and healing touch, and to let you know how well I’m doing. I’m feeling happy, healthy and balanced. I’m so thankful for you and the time we spent together. You have made a huge difference in my life.

~ K.P.

I have just completed seven weekly osteopathic treatments with Carolyne Abrams. I went to see her for post-concussion treatment nineteen months after I had been injured in a car accident. During the nineteen months prior to seeing Carolyne, I was seeing physiotherapists for both neck/shoulder injuries as well as vestibular issues. Although these treatments have been very helpful and productive, a sense of plateauing was beginning to set in.


My time with Carolyne addressed ongoing issues with dizziness, balance, body alignment, headaches and sleep. I definitely have experienced an improvement in all these areas. Carolyne’s treatments are both subtle and powerful. She treats the body with a great deal of respect and delicacy. Time on the treatment table, under the warmth and comfort of Carolyne’s hands, is so gentle that I naturally fell into a meditative state in each session. Aside from the easing warmth that I felt in certain areas of my head, the most beneficial and long-lasting effect that I felt from every treatment was a strong sense of inner balance and centredness as well as a significant reduction in headaches.


Thanks to Carolyne’s effective treatments, I feel more connected to, and understanding of, the trauma that my brain has undergone with the concussion, and I have a renewed sense of healing. Feelings of hope and empowerment are wonderful by-products of experiencing better balance, fewer headaches and more restorative sleeping.


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