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As a Light Healer, I form a unique
partnership with you.

This requires a commitment on both our parts for success. I will encourage you to be an active participant in your healing process.

This may take the form of specific exercises, dietary changes or a short meditation practice which will reinforce and enhance the effects of the healing you receive from me.

Treatments are one hour to allow you time to receive and assimilate Light Healing while being respectful of your own body rhythm.

My practice is based on
3 main principles:

• Your body is an integrated whole. All parts of your body are affected to a greater or lesser degree by disharmony in any other part.
• Your body has the capacity to heal. Every body can heal. I work with you to maximize your healing capacity.
• You are more than your physical body. My treatments affect and take into consideration the interactions and influences between your physical body and your emotional, mental and spiritual health.

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