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22nd Feb, 2013 Carolyne No Comments News

Remote Healing

Remote Healing Remote healing is something I have been using in my practice for a number of years. It involves treating people who are not physically present in the room. This may be because they are away for a period of time, have moved away or are not able to get to my clinic space. […]

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28th Nov, 2012 Carolyne 1 Comment News

Minor Brain Injuries

One condition I am seeing more of these days is so-called minor brain injuries. These are injuries that do not seem to require hospitilization or in-depth exams of cognitive or neurological function. Often patients are seen briefly in the ER and then sent home with little or no information about what signs and symptoms they […]

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9th Oct, 2012 Carolyne No Comments News

Clear Sky, Clear Mind

Greetings everyone, I hope you are enjoying the incredible weather we are having. The sky is so clear, no clouds to obscure the sun. Recently I have been practicing Tsa Lung, a Tibetan yogic breathing. Tsa Lung is designed to clear patterns of thought, speech and action that are harmful so that you can see, […]

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24th Sep, 2012 Carolyne 2 Comments News

Healing the Family

Now that the summer is over some families who  have been scattered have come back together. Others are now far flung because of work or educational opportunities. But family is still family no matter where we go. Even those members who are out of touch with us are still part of the family in some […]

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13th Aug, 2012 Carolyne 1 Comment News

Forest Bathing

I was reminded how healing it is to get out into the mountains when I went on a hike last weekend. Walking up through old cedar trees hung with moss, stopping every once in a while to absorb the stillness and quiet was a refreshing antidote to the hustle and bustle of the city. Recently […]

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