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Remote Healing

Remote Healing
Remote healing is something I have been using in my practice for a number of years.
It involves treating people who are not physically present in the room. This may be because they are away for a period of time, have moved away or are not able to get to my clinic space.

In physics it has been proven that energy can be in more than one place at the same time. For remote healing, I use a person’s name to direct me to their energy pattern. This pattern is unique to all of us. Healing on the energetic level has effects on all levels so any condition or illness that can be treated in-person can also be treated remotely.
This is very useful if, for example, someone injures themselves while on holiday. Instead of having to wait a week or more for treatment they can arrange a remote treatment to begin the healing process right away.

Some of my patients who live away for part of the year chose to continue treatments via remote healing. This allows for continuity of care and improved healing outcomes.

Remote healing can also be a great gift to a loved one who lives abroad or elsewhere in Canada. Because the person is being treated on the energy level physical distance is not a problem.

I find remote healing an effective way to start, or continue a healing process over distance.




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