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One definition of mantra is, ‘a sound, syllable, word, or group of words that is considered capable of creating transformation.’

Light Healing utilizes mantras to influence the body’s transformation by assisting a tissue, structure or mental/emotional state to release its expression of ill health and dis-ease and embrace a state of health, vibrancy and vitality.

Mantras can be used on the body as a whole or directed to work with specific tissues, e.g., the brain. In my practice I chant silently while directing the mantra to the level that needs healing.


Earthing is a technique that connects us to the healing energy of the Earth. This occurs through a conductor cord connected to the Earth on one end, and a mat, sheet or patch in contact with your skin on the other.

The healing energy is transmitted in the form of electrons that help to balance the body and maintain homeostasisinfoHomeostasis *Homeostasis is a process by which the body maintains a state of dynamic equilibrium of its various functions and tissues.*, which is essential for health.

In my experience, Earthing helps each client depending on what they need. For example, one client with chronic pain found that, after sleeping on an Earthing sheet for 3 weeks his pain level was reduced.

And, as an unexpected bonus his high blood pressure came down to normal. Earthing also helped a client detoxify her liver, while another experienced an increase in her energy levels. (For more information see Resources page).

Far Infrared Light Lamp

Far infrared heat penetrates deeply and helps to dilate and expand blood vessels. This process relieves muscles and heals tissue injuries while accelerating the production of compounds that the body needs to heal faster.

The deep heating allows for greater elimination of harmful toxins and provides pain relief. I also use it to open up tissues for healing.

Cranial Osteopathy

Cranial osteopathy is a very gentle, subtle and powerful way to treat the whole body. It is so gentle that it is the main technique I use when treating babies and children. It works by creating subtle adjustments to the structures, tissues and energy flows of the body to restore function and health.

The process is not always obvious, although some people experience heat or tingling. Cranial osteopathy is an important part of Light Healing.

Structural Osteopathy

Included in my practice are the uses of osteopathic techniques such as fascial release, massage, and joint mobilizations to promote better blood, fluid and energy flow throughout the body.I also use visceral manipulation to treat the organs of the body.

Fascial Release

This technique works with the connective tissue of the body. This tissue surrounds all the organs, muscles and nerve fibers. If it becomes strained, too tight or injured, blood flow, nerve supply and muscle or organ movement will be affected. Fascial release is a gentle way to promote greater elasticity in the connective tissue. In this way, the healing of an organ or muscle can be maximized.


Massage involves the physical treatment of soft tissues such as muscles, to release tension. It can be focused on one muscle or on muscle groups. Massage not only releases muscle tension, it also promotes healthy blood flow to, and drainage from the region, thereby improving its nutrition.

Joint Mobilizations

Joints are guided through a series of passive movements to improve their range of movement. This helps with joint alignment, blood flow and nutrition. If joints remain stiff, a cycle of reduced movement and muscle tension can occur, decreasing the function of the joint. Often a combination of fascial release, massage and joint mobilizations are used to break this cycle allowing for increased freedom of movement.

Visceral Manipulation

Viscera are all the internal organs of the body such as the stomach, intestines and liver. Just as every bone in the body has its own subtle, inherent movement so too do the organs of the body. If there is a disruption to the pattern of movement of the organ, the health and function of that organ will be compromised. Visceral manipulation, by working directly on the organs and its connections, helps to restore health and function. All visceral manipulation treatment is done externally, from the surface of the body.

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