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7th Jun, 2019 Carolyne No Comments News

Mindful Parenting

MINDFUL PARENTING FOR PARENTS OF ANXIOUS AND EMOTIONALLY SENSITIVE CHILDREN Who Should Attend: Parents of school age children with anxious and/or sensitive temperament; parents wanting to improve their anxiety management and parenting skills. Session Components: In this 4-week mindfulness-based parenting course: • Parents will learn to better understand anxiety and anxious/sensitive temperaments and its role […]

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5th Sep, 2018 Carolyne No Comments News

Endocranial Spasms: Result of Traumatic or Toxic Brain Injury

I’ve written before about minor traumatic brain injuries (28 November 2012). In my practice I’m continuing to see more patients who have had mild to severe brain injuries. For this reason, I’ve recently completed a post-graduate course in treating traumatic and toxic brain injuries. In osteopathic terms, these injuries are called Endocranial Spasms. These are […]

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14th Aug, 2017 Carolyne No Comments News

Oxgenate your brain!

Breathing properly is one of the best things you can do for your body, especially your brain. Your brain uses 20% of the oxygen comsumed by your body. An easy way to relax and increase oxygen flow to the brain is through diaphramatic breathing. Try this: Lie down comfortably on your back with your knees […]

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10th Mar, 2017 Carolyne No Comments News

It’s Spring-ish!

Even thought there’s still lots of snow on the mountains, signs of Spring are everywhere. Spring is a great time to look to your health after the cold and more sedentary lifestyle of Winter. Getting out in the fresh air for a walk, hike, run, even a snowshoe reinvigorates your mind and body. Hearing the […]

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17th Jan, 2016 Carolyne No Comments News

Winter Joy

The beauty of Winter! Rather than hibernating in a chair, Winter is a great time to get outside and enjoy the crisp, cold air! Heated homes are essential but they can leave us feeling sluggish and uninspired. Getting out into the fresh air helps to reinvigorate us in body and mind. Daylight is one of […]

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21st May, 2015 Carolyne No Comments News

Energy workshop

HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED IF YOU COULD SENSE ENERGY? WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE GUIDED TO DEVELOP THAT ABILITY? HAVE YOU EVER TRIED TO SENSE THE ENERGY IN ANOTHER PERSON? If you’re interested in doing any of the above then you’ll be interested in this workshop. We’ll be exploring how to sense energy and the […]

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27th Nov, 2014 Carolyne 1 Comment News

Infants and the science of attachment

Debra Woods has a wealth of experience both as a doula and parent educator. I asked her to write an article on infants and the science of attachment. Enjoy! INFANTS AND THE SCIENCE OF ATTACHMENT For generations there has been a very mistaken belief that ‘bad habits’ are created when parents respond to infants when […]

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31st Oct, 2014 Carolyne 4 Comments News

Tongue tie in babies

Tongue tie, lip tie and other suckling issues. Everyone knows that breast is best. However, sometimes babies have issues latching on properly. Tongue tie and lip adhesion are two examples of this problem. Tongue–tie (ankyloglossia) happens when the string of tissue under the baby’s tongue is too short. Lip adhesion occurs when there is a […]

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22nd Feb, 2013 Carolyne No Comments News

Remote Healing

Remote Healing Remote healing is something I have been using in my practice for a number of years. It involves treating people who are not physically present in the room. This may be because they are away for a period of time, have moved away or are not able to get to my clinic space. […]

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28th Nov, 2012 Carolyne 1 Comment News

Minor Brain Injuries

One condition I am seeing more of these days is so-called minor brain injuries. These are injuries that do not seem to require hospitilization or in-depth exams of cognitive or neurological function. Often patients are seen briefly in the ER and then sent home with little or no information about what signs and symptoms they […]

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