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23rd Mar, 2020 Carolyne No Comments News

Distance Healing

I hope you are staying well at this time.

Self-isolation and social distancing present challenging situations for those of us who need or desire, healing treatments. For this reason, I’m writing you to let you know about my ability to do remote or distance healing. This type of treatment is solely energy-based. As you know, energy knows no time or space, which makes distance healing possible and effective.

How it works

I set myself up in meditation and then call forth your energy body. This allows me to see what is happening on any level I focus on: physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual. I then use healing energy to treat you.

Setting up a Treatment

Communication between us is of the utmost importance both before and after the treatment. This can be done one of three ways.

  1. We set up a Skype or Facetime call before the treatment to do a check-in and discuss what you would like treatment for and any concerns you have at the moment. After the call, – I treat you using distance healing, and then we talk again.
  2. We do the same thing as number 1 using the phone.
  3. You email me in advance; I  treat you using distance healing, and email you back a report.

We would use whichever method works best for you. I have worked with all of them.

My experience

I have clients in the US, Germany, Romania, as well as the Lower Mainland who benefit from my distance healing treatments.


Payment could be done through e-transfer or PayPal. My fee is the same as for an in-person session.

Be well and take care of yourself and others.

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